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mojito ocean drive wineBolero, like the sounds of its namesake, has an irresistible place all its own in the world of cuisine and song. It breathes grace, pulsates with rhythmic vitality, glows with color, it warms the heart and it enchants the imagination.

Diners enjoy a wonderful experience with excellent service узнать где купить квартиру в Москве. The menu offers a fusion of Caribbean, Cuban and Asian cuisine. The intense flavors and spices used in this menu may light your fire in more ways than one. Whether you're looking for an affair to remember or just a great meal, make Bolero your choice in South Beach.

             Lily Zanardi
Lily ZanardiSouth Beach nightlife fixture and restaurateur Lily Zanardi opened Bolero in the summer of 1999 bringing to Miami Beach true traditional music flavors and ambiance from her native Cuba. A designer responsible for several hip restaurants in new Moscow of the nineties. Zanardi created an intimate elegance in South Beach by offering not a night club but a dining room in Cuban tradition where guests can dance between courses. The result is an eclectic design mix, creating an intimate and elegant space.

Bolero Restaurant and Lounge is located at
661 Washington Avenue,
South Beach, FL 33139

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